We Are OFK: How an indie band wants to adjust new music biopics, out August 18


You’ve in all probability seen a new music biopic motion picture or tv set exhibit: a story of the increase-to-fame of some band you know. You’ve possibly read tracks by a virtual band, animated figures taking part in new music recorded by authentic creative artists.

We Are OFK is both of these factors.

  • OFK is our virtual band, with serious tracks on streaming expert services, like any other band you like.
  • We Are OFK is a movie video game about the origin tale of our band.

With me so far? Alright so we’re kinda creating a biopic about ourselves. An car-biopic, for you word nerds… 

The tale of a music biopic typically goes like this: A tiny-town artist operates tough, is not appreciated, and almost offers up. Then they meet up with a file label government who “gets it”, or they impress any individual famed at a bar, and that human being launches them into stardom. They document an album! They go on tour! They see the world! Sexual intercourse! Oh no, medicines! …They strike rock-base. Their close friends are offended or unhappy or whichever, and some combination of these awful matters motivates the artist to switch their lifetime all over. They rediscover their love for audio and keep in mind why they do this in the very first area. I like these tales! They’re inspiring, but they are so major.

Do you know how many artists come to be megastars? It’s not a good deal. Most musicians by no means “make it”, and producing tunes does not shell out a living wage. But nevertheless, tons of persons make audio, no issue regardless of whether they get paid or not. Those people massive pop-star stories are inspiring, but I think the individuals just making an attempt to make anything… that’s magic to me.

Exact same matter with digital bands. They’re so glamorous and imaginative, but they’re larger sized than everyday living. For all of us on Workforce OFK… we don’t know any one like that, actually. We’re primarily hanging out on couches, doodling, ingesting sandwiches in a park, or buying shipping noodles all over again.

We Are OFK is our indie-sized experiment at generating a more compact biopic. A smaller sized virtual band. An imagined group, developed by artists, musicians, and match designers who all know how hard it is to just make one thing, end it, and set it out into the world, mainly because we nonetheless struggle to do that most times. What would it appear like to develop virtual musicians who view performances of these pop-stars on their laptops in bed, and know they are possibly in no way going to participate in a stadium concert? We wanted to notify that tale – how challenging it is to make tunes, to create even a single song, to file a different video clip to article online, and hope anyone leaves a good comment. Getting by way of working day work, loneliness, awkward team chats, somebody at a occasion who will not end speaking to you… all of it.

We created our biopic as a sport, for the reason that we truly feel near to this band, our band, and we want you to, also. You are going to make a decision issues they say, what texts they deliver, how they specific on their own as they go by way of their more compact journey of striving to make something they can be happy of. I know we’re proud of this activity / band / episodic series… the entire detail!

We Are OFK premieres August 18 on PS5 and PS4, and then each 7 days soon after that, right up until you have all our episodes, that includes all OFK’s new tracks from their debut EP.

Not a complete album yet, mainly because hey producing stuff is really hard! We all have to get started small.

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