The puzzle box is open: Pinhead joins Lifeless by Daylight


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If one have been to generate a Mount Rushmore of 80s horror icons, you’d be tough-pressed not to include Hellraiser’s Pinhead on the side of that cliff. Even even though, let’s encounter it, he’d be an absolute nightmare to sculpt.  

Couple villains can assert to be as unforgettable, prolific, and downright authentic as this staple of horror cinema. All the additional purpose it was so crucial to do Pinhead justice as we welcomed him into Lifeless by Daylight.  

We tapped our inventive workforce to drop some mild on the approach, the satisfaction, and the suffering of getting everything that would make Pinhead unique… and translating it into a video sport. 

The Hellraiser Chapter is accessible now in Lifeless by Daylight!  

The puzzle box is open: Pinhead joins Dead by Daylight

That Cenobite vibe 

Calling Pinhead “recognizable” is an understatement, and no matter how enjoyable the apex Cenobite may possibly be to engage in, if the look and feel isn’t proper, the fans’ link to the character is misplaced. Obtaining it proper starts with the resource materials.  

“We watched and rewatched that unique motion picture all over again and yet again to try and make sure our actions and behaviors in-game rang real with Pinhead,” shared Animation Director, David Prenoveau. “After dialogue with the style and design and artwork teams, we analyzed these movements on an existing Killer – The Trapper – to make confident we could in fact sense that pretty particular Cenobite vibe coming by even on a further character product.” 

It is reported that through creation of the first Hellraiser, specific course was given to Pinhead to subdue his movements and gestures. The aim was for the character to keep an aura of complete control at all periods. The challenge then fell to David and his group to translate that similar essence into Useless by Daylight, in which Killers need to be quite cellular.  

“Pinhead is extremely stoic in the first two films. His actions are restrained and easy,” defined David. “We just could not imagine him carrying out things like kneeling down to pick up Survivors and tossing them above his shoulder.”  

“In DbD we have a fundamental set mechanics that are prevalent to all Killers like finding victims up and tossing them on to hooks. For just about every single a person of these we requested ourselves ‘how can we make guaranteed this truly feels like Pinhead?’ Our respond to finished up being to use his chains and hooks as an interaction tool. As the participant you command Pinhead’s chains and use them to manipulate Survivors in methods other Killers want to do by hand. We’re hoping this touch will make the participant come to feel even much more strong when they’re enjoying as Pinhead!” 

Tearing souls apart 

When it arrives to animating a Killer in Dead by Daylight, every character poses their possess exclusive set of challenges. According to David, challenges for Pinhead started off with his most primary of actions and went all the way to his most brutal animation.  

“Just owning him walk all over was a problem at initially due to the fact in the movies he’s not a quite rapid character but in the video game, he demands to go with speed,” pointed out David. “In the finish we came up with a compromise that both of those worked visually, and served the gameplay.” 

“Our ultimate obstacle was the Memento Mori: Pinhead’s one of a kind killing animation. Employing Frank Cotton’s demise in the first motion picture as inspiration, we incorporated that similar overall body horror into our Mori as chains pierce and stretch the pores and skin of the Survivor’s physique and facial area as they are dragged away into the Cenobite dimension.” 

Playing as Pinhead 

With the seems, movements, and critical animations locked in, the endeavor then fell on the match style and design group to weave that same authenticity in the course of Pinhead’s gameplay. Match Layout Director, Matt Spriggens broke down the solution to making the Hell Priest’s powers and benefits in Useless by Daylight and what players can expect when taking part in as Pinhead.  

“The most important themes touched on in the initial Hellraiser motion picture were bondage, torture, satisfaction, and ache, so it was up to our remarkable design group to figure out how to integrate these into Lifeless by Daylight mechanics,” discussed Matt. “Pinhead’s chains were being really the important for us in developing that genuine working experience. We incorporated them into pretty much each and every factor of the character from his power to his key weapon to his Mori. It helped carry a perception of thematic harmony to equally gameplay and aesthetics.” 

Pinhead’s energy: Summons of Agony  

In Useless by Daylight, Pinhead’s key energy is named Summons of Discomfort. Gamers can open a gateway, summoning a chain from the depths of Hell which they management and guide in direction of a Survivor, latching onto them and slowing them down. 

“This distinctive ability lets gamers bring an component of handle to a ranged attack considering that they get to information their have projectiles. The greatest obstacle for players then turns into mastering the strategies and brain online games of in which and when to location the gateway to launch the chain,” continued Matt. “One great aspect of this energy gamers may well not think of right away is that you can open up a gateway with no essentially summoning a chain permitting you to scout data without the need of committing to a actual physical existence in particular spots of the map.” 

The sport design and style group then turned their attention to creating absolutely sure that all those very same traditional Hellraiser themes of pain and torture had been properly represented in each of Pinhead’s perks for gamers hunting to torment Survivors to the fullest.  

Pinhead’s perk: Deadlock 

Deadlock crushes the Survivor’s hopes by blocking the generator with the most restore progress any time yet another generator is absolutely fixed.  

Pinhead’s perk: Hex: Plaything 

Hex: Plaything ratchets up a victim’s struggling by cursing a Survivor when they are initial hooked. The curse applies the Oblivious position result, this means that they don’t hear a heartbeat when Pinhead techniques, generating further rigidity.  

Pinhead’s perk: Scourge: Gift of Pain 

Scourge: Gift of Discomfort makes quite a few Scourge Hooks all over the map that implement negative standing effects, Mangled and Hemorrhage, to any Survivor who is taken off from a person of these hooks. Following becoming healed, their maintenance and healing speeds are decreased right until they’re injured again.  

Resolving the puzzle box: 

One of the most special things of Hellraiser lore has generally been the infamous, enigmatic Cenobite puzzle box, also recognized as the Lament Configuration. The Pinhead knowledge in Useless by Daylight just would not be full without having it enjoying a important role in gameplay.  

“We often wished the puzzle box to be a major part of the Chapter,” shared Matt. “It’s the entire catalyst for the Cenobites coming to Earth right after all! Obtaining a pleasurable, natural way to combine it into our gameplay while respecting the mythology was the demanding portion.” 

Each time Pinhead is component of a demo, the Lament Configuration puzzle box will spawn someplace on the map ready to be identified by either a Survivor… or The Cenobite.  

“As the trial progresses, Survivors arrive nearer and closer to triggering a Chain Hunt. The only way to postpone that danger is if a Survivor picks up the puzzle box. This final results in them getting threatened by chains until eventually they decide to resolve it. If The Cenobite reacts promptly plenty of, they can teleport straight to the Survivor who has it,” included Matt.  

“If Pinhead finds it initial, he can induce a Chain Hunt for all remaining Survivors in a trial. It need to be an intriguing element of gameplay for both of those Killers and Survivors to engage with, and it arrived from checking out a bunch of various motivations for why players would not just want to interact with the puzzle box, but also fix it. We’re really pleased with in which issues ended up as we feel it ticks all people boxes. Pun supposed.” 

The Hellraiser Chapter will be out there in Dead by Daylight right now for PS4 and PS5.  

See you in the Fog!

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