Roblox Promo Codes for 2.000 Free Robux and Items


This article will give you the lastest Roblox promo codes. The list will be updated on a regular basis so that you can redeem the latest codes as soon as they are being released. Be sure to check the comprehensive listing of all free items, cosmetics and free Robux available.

If you are looking for the latest game codes in Roblox, then check our well put together list of promo codes for the most popular games in Roblox and claim valuable in-game items for free.

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New Roblox Promo Codes

Want to buy some exciting new Items in Roblox? Just use the Robux promo codes below.

Active Promocodes

Code: Element10

Value: 10 Robux

Code: CavsBloxHunt

Value: 5 Robux

Code: RunaRBApril

Value: 5 Robux

Use the RBXTO Promocode page to redeem the codes: Redeem

How to Redeem Robux Promo Codes

  1. Go to RBXTO Promocode page.

2. Enter one of the codes from above.

3. Click the Redeem button.

4. A notification will appear, click on “OK”.

5. To complete the action, use this form.

How to get Free Robux?

Roblox ѕауѕ there’re nо official means fоr obtaining Robux wіthоut spending real money. However, we’ve put tоgеthеr ѕоmе working methods thаt mау hеlр уоu gеt free Robux.

Bеfоrе heading tо thе Robux generator part, wе recommend уоu tо uѕе а mоrе legit wау tо gеt free Robux. Hеlр уоur parents tо save money wіth а browser extension called Coupert, аnd bоth уоu аnd уоur parents wіll gеt $20. That’s $40 іn total (or $60 іf bоth оf thеm install thе extension аnd spend $20)!

Coupert іѕ 100% free tо join, аnd 100% legit extension fоr уоur browser (available оn Chrome, Firefox, аnd edge). Juѕt shop lіkе usual, аnd іt wіll apply оnе оf thе biggest saving coupon codes tо уоur family’s purchase. Yоu earn points whеn уоu buy frоm оnе 7,000+ participating stores, аnd уоu саn redeem thоѕе points fоr cash. Sо еvеn іf there’s nо discount оn а product, уоu саn gеt ѕоmе cashback.

Tо qualify, јuѕt install thе Coupert extension tо уоur browser аnd sign up. Thеn refer уоur parents оr уоur friends tо gеt $20 fоr еасh nеw installation – that’s 1,700 Robux еvеrу time!

Free Robux Generators

Some of these Robux generators can affect your excitement for the game negatively after going through all the necessary steps and giving you nothing in return, so we showing you some websites that work.


This website seems to give be perfect to redeem Robux promo codes for free, just look for active promo codes, tasks to complete and watching videos. But you might get not as much out of your efforts as expected.

2. RoCash

This website promises to give free Robux for downloading apps and completing surveys. However after spending time on these tasks you won’t get anything.

3. BloxEarn

The Website, although eclectically pleasing, is not going to deliver on their promises of giving you free points after completing tasks and surveys.

4. RBX.gum

The RBX.gum website, greets its users with a big amount of spam messages and unnecessary Advertisements, which makes the whole experience not enjoyable.


The site, is using every spam techniques in the book, it also demands users to download malware to their devices in order to earn points. We highly recommend to not use the offerings of JustEarn.

Free Robux – Working Methods

After reading the last paragraph, you might ask yourself if there are any other methods to get free Robux? We have good news, there are indeed some legit methods to get free Robux. The working ways we have are shown below.

1. Method – Earn Robux by completing tasks

There are some reputable websites that offer easy ways to earn free Robux. The two apps below are especially recommended:

Microsoft Rewards

You can earn and redeem virtual points for Roblox gift codes, vouchers and donations. It’s a convinient way if you enjoy doing these things anyway.

Cash for Apps

You can use the Cash for Apps GooglePlay app from the Play Store, it allows you to redeem the earned points for a Roblox Robux gift card.

2. Method – Get Robux by answering surveys

You can also use the classic survey websites to earn money by completing surveys. We have compiled a list of the sites with the highest payouts below. If you enjoy giving your opinion on various topics, this might be the way to go in order to earn some free Robux.

WebsitePayout per Suvey (Avg.)Methods of Payment
Survey Junkie$1 – $4eGift or PayPal
InboxDollarsup to $10eGift, Vouchers or Paypal
Swagbucks$1 – $4eGift or PayPal

With the listed services, you have basically unlimited earning opportunities, it’s just a matter of how much time you want to invest. Some surveys can be rather time-consuming, therefore this way of earning Robux can be a bit slow, but in the end it’s a save way of earning money.

3. Method – Roblox Reward Program

Alternatively to using promo codes and completing tasks, you can also take part in the Roblox rewards program to get free Robux direct from the game company.

Share social media links
Check the Roblox items shop and pick an item you want to promote, if you made your choice hit the share button. Please be aware that simple copy and pasting the link in the address bar won’t let you earn Robux.

Create a Roblox game
You can also earn a big amount of Robux by creating a popular game. It’s probably the fastest way to earn Robux, at a lot of tutorial on how to start canbe found on YouTube. Roblox will give you Robux for every new user that is referred through your game landing page. Another way to earn Roblox is by selling Gamepasses to your game, which act like entry tickets to the experience you have created.

4. Method – Roblox Premium membership for less

Below, we have listed some additional websites that will help you find Robux. You can try each of the to find out what works best for you.

Website800 Robux2,000 Robux10,000 RobuxNote
Amazon$10$25$100Trusted Vendor, Instant Delivery
RBX Place$9$17$85External Vendor, Instant Delivery
MMoga$8$18$90Trusted Shop, Instant Delivery


Now you have the knowledge on how to earn free Robux, this can either be by using promo codes or completing tasks. Also, creating your own Roblox game is a viable option to earn a bigger number of Robux. If you invest a bit of time you and be creative you will succeed in earning free Robux, regardless which route you are taking.

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