Reflecting on FFXIV’s big comeback, from start to November’s Endwalker enlargement


In the market, the growth tale of Closing Fantasy XIV has reached an pretty much legendary status. Immediately after a challenging launch, the second massively multiplayer online RPG of the Remaining Fantasy franchise required salvaging. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, an avid MMO player himself, was the 1 tasked with this herculean undertaking, a approach that led him and his group to rebuild the recreation from the floor up and relaunch it beneath a fitting new name, Closing Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Endwalker’s brand-new title screen, a sight that will welcome gamers from the 19th of November.

As a 1. participant myself, I vividly bear in mind Yoshida-san’s preliminary introduction to the community. Mindful of the awkwardness of the condition, the freshly appointed producer chose to address gamers specifically. He released himself and his preliminary options in what he referred to as a “Letter from the Producer” – a penned account to the local community that set the tone for a two-way interaction that endures to this day, at first gauging players for immediate responses in a handful of modest, targeted surveys, examining expectations and needs for the game they have been actively playing even with the tumult.

It wasn’t until eventually months afterwards than the notion of A Realm Reborn was formally launched. Final Fantasy XIV would be “nuked” to be reborn anew – each figuratively and really pretty much. In 2012, following a climactic cinematic and months of progressively gloomy in-activity updates, the servers shut down. A number of months later, A Realm Reborn would introduce a model-new environment to discover.

The final days of Ultimate Fantasy XIV before its shutdown and eventual 2. rebirth. Players had no notion what terrors slept in Dalamud, the ominous red moon…

Now, 8 yrs considering that A Realm Reborn’s launch and on the eve of its fourth and largest expansion to day, Closing Fantasy XIV boasts more than 24 million gamers and has grow to be the most rewarding title in the Closing Fantasy franchise, a feat mainly attributed to the diligent function of Naoki Yoshida and his workforce.

As part of Sq. Enix’s the latest Media Tour, I was able to perform a preview model of its impending enlargement, Endwalker. Brimming with material, this new behemoth of an update will boost the character amount cap to 90 and will introduce two brand name-new playable positions, a male variant of the enthusiast-favourite Viera race, and a prosperity of raids, dungeons, and other new articles to the MMO. Tag-teaming with fellow interviewer Jade King from TheGamer, I was in a position to get Naoki Yoshida’s views on the present-day condition of the match, Endwalker’s improvement, and his very own journey all the way to this new release.

Now with the additional title of Director, Yoshida still on a regular basis hosts his Letters of the Producer, currently offered for the duration of livestreams in a continuation of this now decade-old custom. The hottest instalment, the 66th to be exact, offered in element some of the remarkable gameplay capabilities to be introduced in the future Endwalker enlargement, fostering the pleasure of gamers all close to the world.

The distinctive romance Yoshida has nurtured with the game’s neighborhood considering the fact that the start off of his involvement has turn out to be a key aspect of what would make Closing Fantasy XIV unique to its players. “From our standpoint in the XIV staff, we don’t feel of the players as just players,” he goes on to make clear, “we actually appear to them as our good friends and portion of our spouse and children, we’re in this match with each other.”

Maybe most importantly, Endwalker will shut the chapter of a tale arc that stretches back again to 2010, in advance of the game’s relaunch. Hydaelyn and Zodiark, two deities of the realm eternally at odds with a single one more, are prophesied to solve their conflict in a climactic conclusion to the age-aged saga. But we’ll have to hold out for the 23rd of November to know a lot more on that…

Still left – Sages management 4 floating nouliths to mend their allies, ideal – Reaper’s weapon of option is a double-handed scythe.

In the preview, I tested the two brand-new jobs: the mecha-motivated barrier healer Sage and the amazingly speedy and impressive melee DPS Reaper. Both of those felt unbelievable to enjoy, Reaper supplying a satisfying flow of assault phases that culminates in a rapid, dispossessed burst of strong combos, and Sage showcasing intricate, pleasing-to-the-ear healing skills that feel primed to take care of wave right after wave of incoming raid destruction. The style and design of these two careers and the all round capabilities rework seem to be to trace at exciting developments for the game’s ever-hungry raiding scene.

The three new regions I was able to discover had been an complete aspiration to any Closing Fantasy lover, showcasing the beautiful, ancient Greek-inspired Previous Sharlayan, the culturally dense and colourful lands of Thavnair, and their full antithesis, the monochrome and cadaverous lands of Garlemald, 3 lore-proven parts XIV gamers have been longing to take a look at for eons.

Up – the vivid grounds of Thavnair, down – the colourless ruins of Garlemald.

“Our method to building new parts is a little bit diverse for each growth,” describes Yoshida, right before heading on to explain: “In the situation of Stormblood, for instance, we had Ala Mhigo as a locale. This was a place that was now proven in the lore in Last Fantasy XIV, so for a area like that we didn’t seriously have significantly flexibility and leeway to include our have strategies. What I did instead was feel about the remaining areas that have not been shown to the player still.

“Endwalker is going to mark the close of the Hydaelyn and Zodiac saga, so for this enlargement, we targeted on the loose ends we have in the present-day tale arc. Determining on people aspects and developing the maps for the new parts go hand in hand, so in this respect, the system with Endwalker was a bit very similar to what we did with Stormblood.”

Alisaie and Alphinaud Leveilleur, twin Scions of the Seventh Dawn who have both of those been central to FFXIV’s ongoing tale, return in Endwalker.

Of system, I was only able to play by a collection of the quite a few new environments thanks to be launched in Endwalker, some of which keep on being solution so players can experience them initially-hand.

“There are some places which we have not announced in Endwalker still. I have no intention of announcing them until eventually the match is unveiled! I’m really excited for players to working experience people locations on their own and I’m certain they will be astonished with what they uncover.”

The create of the video game that I performed was clearly stripped of any lore hints, meticulously preserving the storyline surprises Endwalker has in shop for its players.

“I consider if there is one particular factor that genuinely sets Last Fantasy XIV apart from other titles in the style, it is that we definitely intention for FFXIV to be a gold-regular, story-pushed MMO,” suggests Yoshida. “I consider that is an significant position of differentiation compared to other MMO titles.”

Reaper’s harmful limit split noticed from the again

If FFXIV’s most current growth Shadowbringers is any indication, Endwalker will assuredly get gamers on a thrilling journey of impressive reveals. In point, Shadowbringers was so critically acclaimed that I just had to inquire if the workforce was experience any tension with its abide by-up.

“My situation may well be a bit equivalent to a film director,” Yoshida explains. “When a movie director operates on a new creation, they’re constantly hoping to establish it to the most effective of their means. They’re generally trying to develop the very best story, the best issue that they can.

“I imagine that a variety of players will have their own views and tastes. There may possibly be some who savored Heavensward better than Shadowbringers, and other folks who preferred the journey-centric adventure we had in Stormblood.”

“My solution is to constantly go one particular move even more and increase the bar we’ve formerly set up, striving to build some thing much better with each instalment.”

Sage’s restorative restrict crack observed from the entrance

“Having said that,” he carries on, “Endwalker will in simple fact shut the Hydaelyn and Zodiac saga, which has been carrying on since XIV was originally introduced and carried through all of our preceding expansions. In that regard, we have been doing the job towards a big climax. As a standalone expansion, the quantity [of story] in Endwalker is big. There actually is a good deal to get by way of.

“I would be happy if… after you have played as a result of the complete of Endwalker, why not go as a result of the preceding expansions and participate in by them again? Then you might be ready to take pleasure in the route we have taken with Endwalker and all the intricate points we’ve completed with the plot.”

This past sentence certainly leaves a large amount to the creativity, and I’m sure many players cannot hold out to experience the stop of this 10 years-lengthy tale for themselves… but hold out we will have to.

Endwalker launches 23rd November, with early access from 19th November for those who pre-purchase. See you then!

This posting is centered on the perform of an in-development create of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and articles in the final version is topic to alter. Interview solutions have been slightly edited to strengthen brevity and circulation. FFXIV 1. screenshots kindly supplied by fellow meteor survivor and decade-extensive Eorzean good friend Llen Coram.

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