Neon-folks survival horror Saturnalia arrives to PS4 and PS5 future thirty day period


They say it takes a village…and when it arrived to making the village of Gravoi, which is much more than accurate. Saturnalia is a cultural mosaic, influenced in equivalent parts by cinema, theater, and even architecture—as nicely as traditional movie video games that emphasize survival and exploration. The result is a deeply textured and thematically abundant environment, 1 that demonstrates a true-to-daily life affect whilst ultimately remaining otherworldly.

Neon-folk survival horror Saturnalia comes to PS4 and PS5 next month

In which Fact Meets the Surreal

Once the crew at Santa Ragione knew the video game was to be established in the Sardinian area of Italy—a area not typically represented in preferred media—we recognized we experienced a accountability to the attractive locales and genuine tradition of the location. At the same time, our eyesight was for a horror tale with a supernatural impact, necessitating an imaginative leap from the true globe into one thing else entirely. That’s how Gravoi arrived to be: a fictional dreamscape that reflects the authentic Sardinia whilst standing on its possess as a distinct and eerie location.

The group executed comprehensive place scouting through the island, having plenty of pics and video clips of villages and towns in the course of Sardinia, from the historical church of Bosa to the deserted mines of Monteponi. With these assets in hand, we ended up ready to meticulously layout the town of Gravoi and its quite a few one of a kind twists and turns. 

A figure use the flame of a matchstick to study an etched map.

With the goal of generating a procedurally-created layout able of reorienting alone as soon as sure in-match situations are met, the designers labored hard to assure that just about every cobblestone sidestreet and slim alleyway felt distinct and lived-in. The cathedral, storefronts and architecture that make up Gravoi are at after acquainted and entirely exceptional. But creating a a few-dimensional placing is only portion of the storytelling course of action.

The neon-folk impact

The artwork fashion of Saturnalia brings lots of descriptors to head. Vibrant, kaleidoscopic, or it’s possible picturesque? All of these are correct, but they only start to make clear the depth and array of influences that contributed to the aesthetic that defines the visuals of Saturnalia.

From the outset, we experienced a very very clear inspiration in intellect for both of those the tale and the search of Saturnalia: giallo cinema, the basic Italian horror movies that rose to prominence in the 60’s and 70’s due to the bracing and ground breaking operate from the likes of Dario Argento and Mario Bava. Recognised for their stunning violence, gripping mysteries, and stylized cinematography, these movies formed a basis on which the builders could establish their possess entry into the longstanding custom of Italian horror.

A character runs through a street, passing a small parked vehicle laden with chairs.

For degree style and design, our art director appeared to modern architecture and dramatic scenography, especially expressionist and brutalist kinds that prize indicating above realism. These stark geometric patterns merged with the shade remedy and palette construction to make an immersive planet that’s simple to get lost in—both basically and figuratively.

The evocative art style of Saturnalia—dubbed “neon-folk”—is its most right away arresting function. But how the match plays is just as critical.

The Heart of Saturnalia

Although the cinematic impact on Saturnalia is sizeable, it is a video clip activity initial and foremost, a person with deep connections to the lineage of survival-horror and exploration-based mostly adventure video games. Especially, the loaded and thorough globe of Shenmue was a massive inspiration, as were being secret online games like Mizzurna Falls, Enemy Zero, and D2. The commonality among all these online games is deeply immersive worlds that really encourage significant wondering and emotional relationship to their narratives and central characters.

The amount style centered on supplying gamers with numerous pathways to acquiring their objectives, with a primacy positioned on decision and unique playthroughs. Borrowing from the explorative experience style, certain areas of the village are unavailable to the player prior to acquiring sure resources and devices. In the same way, the many diegetic puzzles weaved throughout the recreation are the critical to identifying new locations and solution passageways through Gravoi.

In the back of a dark cavernous area stands a figure by an open door, silhouetted by the light of room they gaze into.

The result is a labyrinthine structure that makes the feeling of traversing an intricate maze. In the absence of daylight, the player’s administration of their matchsticks is critical in staving off the darkness…and the awareness of the creature stalking their each move. This maze has a monster in just, and steering clear of its clutches is the best precedence for any soul courageous ample to take a look at the village.

But Saturnalia isn’t concentrated on fight. Stealth and evasion are the player’s key equipment, as are the special skills of just about every of the four co-protagonists. Using these talents goes hand-in-hand with revealing far more about each and every character’s private motivations and dreams: in the entire world of Saturnalia, tale and gameplay are intertwined. The only way for the participant to progress is to find out which character is greatest applied for any given scenario or puzzle.

A masked figure stares past opened gates to a room beyond, in which unknowingly observed, another figure gazes about them.

Even so, everyone who plays Saturnalia will take pleasure in a unique practical experience. It’s probable to entire the tale without uncovering each and every very last detail, endorsing replayability and alternate methods. The discoveries the participant makes—as effectively as the purchase in which sure events are resolved—can have an affect on the ending. Finally, this speaks to a person of our critical pillars in planning Saturnalia: the emphasis on participant company. It’s for you to opt for how you want this story to unfold. 

With that in head, there’s only one query that stays.

Do you dare to be a part of the ritual?

The crew listed here at Santa Ragione is putting the finishing touches to the recreation, and we can’t wait for you to participate in it. Saturnalia launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on Oct 27, 2022.

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