Ghostwire: Tokyo combat and exploration recommendations, out March 25


Ghostwire: Tokyo is almost here! If you pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the video game digitally, you’ll be capable to bounce in starting off nowadays, March 22 to enjoy Tokyo’s haunted streets early in advance of the recreation officially launches on March 25.

But in advance of you dive into Ghostwire: Tokyo, we have got some speedy words of assistance to assist kickstart your journey. From recommendations on exploration to some pointers on overcome, we hope this guide helps you come to be a ghost hunter in no time. 

Go vertical

With its eye-catching blend of conventional architecture and modern skylines, Ghostwire’s variation of Tokyo begs you to get to the rooftops for some off-the-ground exploration. Get some air from grappling Tengus and making use of your ethereal gliding potential to arrive at parts swiftly, uncover hidden strategies and even get a vantage level on some unsuspecting foes. 

Reigning cats and dogs 

Although Tokyo’s mass disappearance whisked absent most of the city’s inhabitants, there are even now a number of survivors still left, together with some of the area’s animal people. Utilizing your talents, you can examine the ideas of cats and dogs you appear throughout, and some even have missions for you to take. Stock up on pet food and you can even give out treats! Just after all, who could say no to a deal with like that? 

Speaking of animals, hold an ear out for a Nekomata’s meow, which alerts you to nearby hidden collectibles. They can give you Meika to invest on helpful consumables at shops, as nicely as guide you towards secrets in the world. 

Absorbing spirits 

Tokyo’s vanishing has remaining quite a few lingering spirits trapped through the town. Using katashiro paper dolls, you can take in these spirits and maintain them absent from Hannya and his Visitors’ nefarious strategies. After absorbing sufficient spirits, report to any nearby phonebooth to send out them to basic safety, netting you reward Meika and XP that you can use to degree up your skills. All through the game, you will also come throughout additional katashiro dolls, permitting you to soak up even extra spirits prior to getting to deposit them in a cellular phone booth. 

Go off the overwhelmed path 

The streets of Ghostwire: Tokyo are prosperous, diverse and thorough, with tons to do and soak in outside the principal story. Give into temptation and check out the city for collectibles, aspect missions and yokai things to do in the entire world. Not only do side missions permit you dive deeper into the game’s world, they are also a very good supply of spirits to accumulate (as nicely as magatama, a uncommon source used to unlock far more state-of-the-art places of your talent tree).


Website visitors typically attack in groups and can overwhelm you if you get surrounded. Try out maneuvering about enemies and strategically positioning yourself to maintain them less than command – or line them up for a effectively-positioned explosive fire shot or large-space h2o blast using your Ethereal Weaving to crystal clear out several foes at at the time! 


All over the game – particularly after cleansing certain shrines – you’ll obtain equippable beads that deliver a increase to some of your skills, from minimizing harm taken to growing the electricity of your Ethereal Weaving. As you development, you will also be able to equip a lot more beads at a single time, so attempt out diverse combos. 


Set up your dukes 

Blocking is particularly useful for minimizing destruction from enemy blows and benefits players who can time their blocks perfectly. Not only do ideal blocks fully negate damage from enemy attacks, they can also stagger selected enemies or reflect certain projectiles back again at them.

Mix it up 

Ethereal Weaving is not your only alternative at your disposal in a struggle. Use talismans to stun enemies in an location of result, summon a spirit bush that you can duck driving for go over or even choose off enemies from afar with your bow. 

Upgrade, update, upgrade 

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a few sets of skill trees that can assistance you discover your playstyle and grow as the greatest ghost hunter. Are you into stealth? Emphasis on bow upgrades like more rapidly draw time or quicker movement velocity whilst crouched. Take pleasure in finding up near and private? Unlock talents like melee array core grabs or main grabs on knocked-down foes to complete off foe with amazing efficiency.  

There are also some quite practical ability unlocks each and every playstyle will advantage from, like lessened demand time for Ethereal Weaving or the capability to summon your very own Tengu to grapple atop rooftops with relieve. 


Increasing ghost hunters need to have to eat 

Getting together some food stuff on your journey is not just healthy – it is your primary way of restoring health and fitness in a battle. Retain an eye out for snacks lying about the city and inventory up at ease merchants ahead of heading into your future major encounter. For an added raise, you can consume exclusive ‘nether food’ that even provides a short-term buff right after you eat it. Also, don’t be concerned to shell out some of your updates on increasing your foodstuff storage – it may not be the flashiest improvement but have faith in us, you are going to be glad to have all those additional dango to chow down on when matters start off to warmth up. 

If you have not pre-requested the digital Deluxe Version, you can even now do so and take pleasure in a head begin. The Deluxe Version features the total foundation video game along with the Shinobi Outfit, Kunai Weapon product and the Streetwear Outfit Pack. All physical and electronic pre-orders for the Deluxe Version will also involve the Hannya outfit and the Premium Biker Outfit Pack (which arrives with 8 color variants for the Biker Outfit) to use in-video game. 

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