Designing new Deep Rock Galactic weapons with the DualSense controller in mind


Deep Rock Galactic, a co-op sport about dwarves in area mining minerals and fighting bugs, has been out on PS4 and PS5 for a pair of months now. And it has been remarkable observing so lots of new gamers join us in the caves of Hoxxes. Whether or not you picked up the sport when it was available with PlayStation As well as, or you not long ago purchased it, welcome!

The PlayStation release of DRG occurred during our quite very first period in the game, and we will shortly release our next season on Could 5: Season 02 – Rival Escalation. This time includes 4 new Secondary weapons, and that gave us the chance to design them with the DualSense wi-fi controller in mind from the begin. 

When we have been functioning on the PlayStation edition of DRG, we determined to use the DualSense controller capabilities as substantially as achievable to enrich the encounter of the weapons in the game (see our prior blog submit on How the DualSense controller boosts Deep Rock Galactic’s mining and beat). Underneath, you can browse how we have applied the DualSense controller options for every single of the new weapons.

The ArmsKore Coil Gun

Haptic opinions helped carry home the feeling of power to each individual gun. Take the Coil Gun in this new Time: While small and compact the gun packs a large amount of electrical power. And with haptic suggestions we could seriously get the position throughout with increasingly more powerful pulsing in the course of the demand phase, speaking the unstable, significant quantities of energy, which releases with a big kick. 

The Nishanka Boltshark X-80

The Boltshark was the much more delicate one particular of the bunch and benefited significantly from the finer facts doable that the haptic responses presents. While it is quieter than the other individuals, it gave us extra room to emphasize the tiny details of the crossbow elements clicking, bolts staying place in area and the string slapping against the barrel when firing.

The Shard Diffractor

The Shard Diffractor was the most straightforward of the bunch style and design-sensible, capturing a persistent laser with so significantly power the player can scarcely stand on their toes. On the other hand, conveying that power around this kind of a very long time as a result of rumble would be also considerably in contrast to other engineer secondaries. We made the decision to go with a softer rumble on the beam and put emphasis on the electrical power of the impression. Because of the element of the haptic feedback, the powerful impression provides a sensation of energy.

The Colette Wave Cooker

The wave cooker was quite diverse from the other weapons, sporting no projectiles at all, but as an alternative performing as a harmful flashlight. Hence we preferred to carry forth the feeling of compact parts going about inside the gun whilst it fires, with no drowning out the common vibration from the weapon. Which is a level of depth the haptic feedback tends to make possible.

The DualSense controller seriously can help us make every single weapon feel unique in-game. When designing each individual, each individual part of development goes into emphasizing the experience we want the player to get when firing it. From the mechanics, designs, animation, seem, results, and so on. We also make Overclocks for each and every weapon that allows gamers personalize the effects of each individual weapon by way of tradeoffs. 

The most extraordinary variety of overclocks, Unstable, aids us emphasize the theme for just about every weapon. Each and every of the weapons above will come with new overclocks. An example would be the Blistering Necrosis for the Colette Wave Cooker, which has a probability to spawn weak factors on enemies you strike, whilst also rising the warmth era and lowering the cooldown rate.

Season 02 will come out on Could five on PS4 and PS5. We are looking forward to you getting to test out these new weapons and expertise how the DualSense controller truly brings each individual 1 of them to existence.

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