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The Heritage of Housemarque – from the Finnish Demoscene to PlayStation Studios

Selene’s looping experience advanced with new gameplay modes when the Returnal Ascension DLC introduced last week. The crew at Housemarque is thrilled to produce new methods for supporters to perform the difficult-but-rewarding, arcade-influenced shooter on PS5. In fact, iterating on enjoyable gameplay is deeply ingrained in the studio’s society, commencing


Returnal: Ascension launches nowadays, brings marketing campaign co-op and limitless challenge manner

When we talked about incorporating on line co-op to Returnal at Housemarque, the most important question we had was: how can we assist co-op enjoy in an working experience which is deliberately surreal, isolating, and finely-balanced to challenge a single player’s skill to endure? The Chronosis  It starts off just


Returnal: Ascension update provides Co-Op and Tower of Sisyphus manner

Howdy once again everyone! It’s been amazing to see players continue to get pleasure from Returnal long after its release. We’ve supplied a number of patches and updates so far, but this time we wanted to offer a little something seriously particular for our players: our Ascension expansion. This free


Welcoming Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios family members

Today I’m thrilled to welcome a new member to the PlayStation Studios loved ones! I have been a admirer of Housemarque since the studio’s early times when they introduced Super Stardust Hd to PlayStation fans. Housemarque’s current launch of Returnal proves the studio is just one with unbelievable eyesight, capable of developing


How Housemarque established Returnal’s immersive DualSense controller results

Hi everybody! We at Housemarque hope you are all enjoying Returnal. We’re so surprised by and grateful for the responses so significantly. I want to thank you on behalf of the full workforce. In Returnal our intention was to use the DualSense wi-fi controller to provide a physical expertise of


Unpacking Returnal’s UX design: Gameplay-initially UI, retro-futuristic tech, and accessibility

My name is Johannes Koski and I’m the UI/UX Director of Returnal listed here at Housemarque. My part in the venture has been both equally using component in the design and overseeing and supporting the get the job done finished by the crew. I have experienced the privilege to function


Returnal gameplay: Dev details and far more in approximately 30 minutes of new footage

In significantly less than 24 hrs, PlayStation 5 players will be ready to step into the hostile and mysterious environment of Returnal. From unsettling alien creatures to haunting musical themes, Selene’s journey through Atropos is one particular you will not soon fail to remember. But what just is the circulation