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Hermen Hulst talks Bungie, what is following for PlayStation Studios

Scorching on the heels of this week’s news that Bungie will be becoming a member of PlayStation, I had a prospect to chat with Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, to master extra about how the developer collective could collaborate with the celebrated studio. We also touched on Horizon Forbidden


Forging the Horn – Powering the scenes of Gjallarhorn’s return in Future 2

There have been lots of amazing weapons throughout Destiny’s background. Some have obtained notoriety for their success in battle or their startling magnificence. A handful have earned famous reputations for their distinctive characteristics or memorable backstory. Then there is Gjallarhorn. The Unique Rocket Launcher, introduced in the authentic Destiny, has


Savathûn unveiled – Planting the seeds of the Witch Queen’s deception

The threads of Destiny’s narrative are significantly-reaching, touching pretty much just about every aspect of the sport. Over the earlier calendar year or so, Destiny gamers have skilled a narrative unfold all over one of the game’s most beloved people: Osiris. From the death of his loyal Ghost, Sagira, to


Destiny two: Period of the Splicer: Conflux Puzzle & New Emblem Code

The launch of Destiny 2’s Time of the Splicer on Tuesday afternoon arrived with it a bevy of content material: new guns, a new activity, a new story, and a couple mysteries for the group to clear up. Here’s all the ongoing community mysteries and puzzles in Period of the