Day: November 17, 2021


twelve Most Disappointing Games of 2021

It is an unlucky inevitability that not all games are created equal. Some titles blow folks away and become recognised as international favourites, while other people are resigned to history as awful disappointments, superior to be overlooked. 2021 has been no exception, with a number of bangers that have entertained


Savathûn unveiled – Planting the seeds of the Witch Queen’s deception

The threads of Destiny’s narrative are significantly-reaching, touching pretty much just about every aspect of the sport. Over the earlier calendar year or so, Destiny gamers have skilled a narrative unfold all over one of the game’s most beloved people: Osiris. From the death of his loyal Ghost, Sagira, to


Developing the blasters of Nerf Legends

Hello! I’m Mihai Preda, studio head listed here at Exciting Labs, and we’re the studio behind Nerf Legends. GameMill Entertainment, our publisher, experienced been speaking about the opportunity of a prospective Nerf match with Hasbro and when they brought the pitch to us, we genuinely preferred the thought of bringing